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Centrric is a people company, we value and take care of our people, our team, our voices and our vision. Its people and their excellent commitment make us what we are today. At Centrric we learn and evolve together. Welcome to our world.


Stories from the team

2022-10-06 07:41:06

Split payments are no more a hurdle!

We are currently working on an Australian-based social media project which has a lot of revenue models other than advertisement. One of the revenue models has a platform fee and vendor revenue split model in which the company charges a platform fee and the rest of the charge would be split among the

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2022-01-24 11:51:46

Remote Device Management for Apps/Platforms

#### My method of managing connected devices for web/mobile applications Photo by [Peter bo](https://unsplash.com/@peterbo?utm_source=medium&utm_medium=referral) on [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/?utm_source=medium&utm_medium=referral) I will begin with a story to convey where I got stuck. We w

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2021-06-28 07:56:17

A New Beginning with Centrric.

My journey with Centrric hasn’t been that long ,it only begun a few months back. So far it been absolutely amazing . Before sharing my experience with [centrric](http://centrric.com/) I’ll tell a few things about myself. So I am a Bachelor of Computer Applications graduate but I have always felt tha

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2021-04-22 11:57:37

My love for coding….

#### The passion I discovered little later than the most My passion was never really coding. You can say that I’m a science guy. I’m always so fascinated by new things I see in field of science but the most fascinating subject for me was always space. I really really really wanted become an astron

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